Henna Tattoos is created by a self-taught, naturally talented and proudly South African Indian artist , also known as, Preetha Kasi.

Born and raised in the heart of South Africas oldest Indian community, Chatsworth, situated in Durban (KZN), I feel truly blessed to be a part of a culture that dates back many millennia. Despite the challenging and complicated situation faced by the Indians brought as indentured labourers to work the sugar cane plantations 150years ago, they held on strongly to their cultural beliefs and traditions, and passed them on proudly from generation to generation. Thus I grew up in a community rich with tradition and culture, and was blessed with an artistic streak as well!

Now a resident of the 'mother city', Cape Town, I am presented with the opportunity to share the tradition of Henna Body Art with people from diverse cultures and varying walks of life in a funky fusion where East meets West or the Rest!

My designs are limitless and can be customized to suit specifications. I use henna the way it was intended, naturally! My paste is mixed using the finest grade powder with eucalyptus oils and organic tea. I also provide the necessary information required for the removal of the paste and maintenance thereafter.

Preetha Kasi

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